Monday, November 17, 2014

Uptown Cheapskate Is Now In Sugarhouse!

My sister Laura & I went to the grand opening of a new Uptown Cheapskate location in Sugarhouse in October and I was so very excited to attend. There is an UC close to where I live and I frequent it often, to either sell clothes or browse whats new.

It was helpful to have some spending cash!

I found the hats right away. It was like wearing a strawberry on my head. Haha

We found lots of clothes to try on

This dress had owls all over it!

A little too many flowers? It was so comfy though but a bit too big

I loved this scarf and ended up getting it. So warm & perfect for winter

I love the fold down hooks and the options

This or that?

Everything was organized really well and I like the layout of this store

Lots of people in line ready to check out

Friendly workers

Here are a few things that Laura & I found and ended up purchasing.

Here is what I scored, a better picture. Peach colored long sleeved shirt with lace back on the top left. Green sweatshirt  on the top right and a brown Roxy hat that I love so much! The bird scarf in the middle, bottom left is a purple blouse with black stars on it and bottom right is a Volcom jacket that zips up the front. Love it!

They had a food truck there that we didnt have time to try but it looked and 
smelled delicious!

 A pretty sunset was the great way to end a pretty great time at 
Uptown Cheapskate.

Here's how I wore my hat and sweatshirt one day.

If you have clothes to sell , bring them to the Sugarhouse location at

2120 S 1300 E Salt Lake City, UT 84106

I have sold some clothes to them and my sister has too. Try it out!

So, as a thank you for reading my blog post, you can enter to win a $25 gift card to Uptown Cheapskate! Best of luck!


Aimee Cutler said...

I've still never been there. I need to go...soon! :)

Jessie Larson said...

I LOVE Uptown! I would love to win!