Monday, September 15, 2014

Blogger Night Out - Hospital Tour

A few days ago my sister and I went to a blogger event in SLC at a new section for Primary Children's Hospital that opens next month to the public. But before the tour, we started out with a delicious dinner of meat, veggies, potatoes and mushrooms. The mushrooms were flavored so deliciously!

CEO spoke to us for a bit about the hospital and their goals. Some things this hospital has includes dialysis for kids as well as a cool tubing system to send tests and prescriptions between hospital sections. The listened to what parents wanted and added in particular details! 

These balloon lights were so cute and one of the neatest features in my opinion!
Lots of attention to detail, parents helped pick textures and colors to help kids stay calm

Laura, Reese and I...he takes a good selfie, or should I say...three-fie? Hmm.

The view is so pretty!

Dining area , still getting set up

Kitchen area , so open and spacious and it has a pizza oven (on the left in the picture if you can squint and see) where kids can create their own pizza that the staff bakes for them. There is also a gelato machine. Mmm

It's hard for parents to bring their children here, esp when siblings are in tow. The Kids Camp is for ages 2-12 (as long as they are potty trained) and they have activities for this age group but older kids are allowed in too. Pretty neat that everyone can be at the hospital but the parent can be up in the room with their child who needs to be seen while the other brothers and sisters are taken great care of. Every volunteer goes through a strenuous background check, just like a regular employee. 

Bonnie was our tour guide and she was fantastic

As you can probably tell from the pictures, the colors are bright and cheery

Each level is color coded so that parents (and kids) can easily know where they need to go. Smart!

Another awesome feature is that there are benches instead of chairs in the exam rooms. 

 We were told that the construction workers have dressed the bear up and move him around each day. 

Even the floor was fun!

This painting is on the 3rd floor. So amazing and was donated by the artist. 

It's hard to tell but the windows have a few out to SLC and all the lights, it was really pretty!

Small kid-sized chairs

Funny sign at the end.

I was very impressed with this new section of the hospital and the plans for the future. One thing that stood out to me is that our tour guide Bonnie talked about a section where parents who are not good at knowing how to be parents can learn to be better. A parent who is at risk of losing their kids can come here and there is a room with a piece of glass that you can only see one way through. The parents have a piece in their ear with a person on the other end telling them how to respond or what to say as they interact with their child. Some parents today didnt have the best examples themselves when they were little of what to do and not do when you are an adult and have kids.  I think it is really good that there are people willing and able to help these parents be better and know how to best respond to their kids.

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