Friday, August 29, 2014

Let's Run A 5k!

A few months ago I blogged about The Color Run 5K that was coming to SLC, UT in August. Well, August is here and the 5K came! I had 2 tickets and luckily my sister Laura was able to participate with me. Huge thanks to Tony for watching 2 year old Riley and then all we had to worry about was Laura's little guy, Reese. 

I started out with clean shoes

A clean shirt (I loved the shirt!) morning face.

Laura finally came and after making sure Riley got settled in, we headed down to SLC where the 5K was taking place.

We were a little mistaken on the time, I knew I wanted to get there by 8...830 at the latest. Laura had seen online that people were going later. I never actually looked it up myself so we arrived at 9am and pretty much the last set of runners had gone at 830. Oh snaps! Next year I will be sure to get there much earlier! It was still fun though and we found some other late-comers that were still participating, thank goodness. 

We did a mix of jogging and speed walking. 

My shoes are not so clean anymore!

We got a free granola bar for writing our kind act and sticking it to this board. 

Our friend Eva found us afterwards, we had no idea she was there! Super cool to see her...we all lived in the same stake (Lds) in California, she was in Davis and we were in Woodland. We know each other best from Girls Camp (Yay Camp Ritchie!) and I know she had moved to Utah but we had never ran into each other or met up yet. Ahh, hope to hang out with her & her family soon!

I love this picture of us!

 I had a blast participating in The Color Run. Next time I do a 5K hopefully I will be in better shape, I was so sore for a couple days afterwards. Whoops!

What is your favorite 5K that you do? If you have never done one, what's one you would like to do someday?

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