Tuesday, July 8, 2014

This Time We're In Provo, UT

The hardest part of going to a balloon launch is waking up early. I am not a morning person! 4th of July it was impossible for us to wake up but Saturday morning I was determined that we go so up we got!

My first glimpse of the field where the balloons were already inflating, very impressed it is the 30th Annual Freedom Festival. 

I couldnt wait for Tony to park the car!

Even though this was our third weekend in a row chasing hot air balloons, I was so happy to be here! 40 min to go for balloons is convenient, a few hours away isnt exactly hard though , esp because we love to roadtrip

Taking a panoramic 

Fun to see these rangers fill up the Smokey the Bear balloon

Our morning faces

I love hot air balloons! (if you cant tell)

This was the balloon we got engaged in! Fun to see it again. I was a little jealous of the lucky people who got to go for a ride

It's interesting to see how different pilots inflate their balloons

Saw my friend Scott Jarvie! (on the right) check out his



There was a beanbag game going on and persons holding very large helium filled balloons so that the pilots in the hot air balloons would know where to drop their bean bags. Unfortunately none of the balloons were able to make it back to the field 

Walking around the field and we found Smokey! Had to get a pic!!

I question my choice of attire here. 

One pilot landed and his crew drove him back to the field to attempt the beanbag toss.

However it didnt work - the wind blew them another direction

So they pulled the balloons down. Better luck next year!

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