Sunday, July 27, 2014

Slide the City in SLC

I heard about this event recently called "Slide the City" and a couple weeks ago it arrived in SLC! Basically there was a giant 1000 ft. water slide set up from the capitol to temple square area. I paid to slide once but next year I want to get the all day pass. My friend Alisa was in town and she came with me which was so nice because Tony had homework to do. 

  I picked up my wristband, mouthguard , squirt gun and water balloons a couple blocks away and Alisa held a spot in line for me. It was very hot, there was a few food trucks but I didnt eat anything. I ended up ditching my towels under a tree and picked them up later. Alisa held my backpack with my phone and waterball in it.

We waited in line quite awhile but the trip down the slide was worth it! Unfortunately I got no pictures of me going down the slide because when I got up there they switched me , and everyone else without tubes, to go down the farther side shown here in the picture. 

It was fun to watch people slipping and sliding past us and to check out the different ways people slid, on their back, bum, head first, feet first, on a tube or on their knees! I decided I want to slide on my bum but ended up sliding part of the time on my knees as well.

Looking towards downtown SLC

Alisa and I. 

Afterwards, we went to eat at Zupas and then I dropped her off at the airport so she could fly back home to NM. We were mission companions in Portland back in 2004 and its always a treat to meet up!

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