Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Grand America Hotel Window Displays!

See that hotel across the street? It's the Grand America Hotel in downtown SLC.

My mother in law as well as a lady in my ward told me about how this hotel put some awesome window displays together for Christmas. I am really glad that one evening when we were downtown, I finally spied this hotel and we had time to go in and take a look around and do this 'scavenger hunt'. So fun!

Of course I loved the hot air balloons here

Candy Cane Canyon

Hot air balloons in the tree!

The carpet was pretty awesome!

Long long hallways

I spied an owl. I actually have this owl (its from Target- tehe)

I found the giant gingerbread house!

It was all actual gingerbread. Pretty amazing!

 It was so much fun and didnt take too long to walk around and see all the displays. We were probably there 30-40 minutes or so. I've never been in this hotel before so it was really fun to walk around. Cant wait to check it out again next year!

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