Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas in Idaho Part 2

 Pulled up to my parents house in the afternoon on Christmas Day after leaving Tony's parents house and found my brothers outside having a snowball fight. You can see a snowball flying right in the middle there I think. 

The food at my parents house. Soo good. Stuffing and noodles, sweet pickles....

Deviled eggs and fruit salad with marshmallows - my new favorite!

Ham and turkey!

Ornament I made when I was a kid hanging on the tree

My ornament from the year I was born

Working on a puzzle, Tony, Matthew and my mom. So serious. 

Evan on his laptop and his phone. So techie. Haha

My mom's humpty dumpty collection

Cool nativity scene I like

The clock we grew up with, still going!

My dad makes this cake and it is so super good. The frosting is light and fluffy.

My mom's pretty backyard in the winter

I didnt take many pictures at my parents house but I got to talk to my brothers about how their Christmas was, help my dad order something online and talk to my mom about her collections. Now I know where I get it from! hehe...

So awesome to be able to visit them and eat a delicious meal before we headed back to SLC.

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