Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas In Idaho Part 1

On our way to Idaho on Tuesday after my Christmas work party. If it wasnt for that, we would have left to go to Idaho on Monday evening when we got off work probably. Oh well!

So happy to be headed out of Utah for Christmas, even if we were not going to California

Tony prefers to drive when we go on road trips but I dont mind when he lets me take a turn.

My favorite section of trees as we get closer to Boise

At Tony's aunt and uncles house in Nampa. Everyone was so nice!

I didnt take a picture of the food but there were lots of yummy things to eat.
Someone read the verses in the scriptures about the birth of Jesus while the kids held different pieces of a very pretty nativity.
Next, Tony's mom read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and every time the story said 'right' or 'left' we had to pass a white elephant present to the person next to us. It was pretty funny. Some people ended up holding 2-3 presents somehow!
Tony got a very nice eagle blanket and I got a dishmat that goes by the sink that dishes can dry on. I think we will use it in the teardrop camper.

The best part of the evening was coming in and I dont know if anyone knew who we were...I'm not sure when the last time Tony had seen his cousins but Tony's dad was the first to know we were there I think and then when his mom saw Tony she came over to him very fast and cried and held him for a long time. It made me feel so happy inside that we were able to be in Idaho for Christmas and that we could surprise Tony's parents like that. Pretty cool.

Eventually people started to go home and I went to my parents house to visit them for awhile after dropping Tony & his dad off at his parents house. It was fun to see my parents , brothers, eat some sweets and catch up on the newsy news.


My new Pebble Smartwatch! << Click the link to learn more about what this is.

Funny story about this watch that Tony got me. It was the first present I opened. He bought it on my Amazon account because I have Prime right now. We both forgot that Amazon sends an email after a purchase is made so I went to check my hotmail and immediately started crying when I saw the email from Amazon with a subject line of what Tony had gotten me. I had so wanted whatever he had ordered for me to be a surprise so I was very disappointed to spoil it this way.

Then, I had ordered some things for my dad on Amazon and Tony had put for the watch to ship to my parents house. My dad texted me as we were driving to Boise and said,

Hi Stacie,
The two books you ordered for me arrived today. One of them was not a book, but something called a Pebble Smartwatch. There was no packing list. Not sure what to do now.
BTW, your package has not arrived yet.

Oh.My.Gosh. If I hadnt ruined the surprise myself a few days earlier, my dad had certainly ruined it now. Then all Tony and I could do was laugh because one way or another, this present was not meant to be a surprise. I'm not sure why Amazon sent everything in the same box, so weird because the orders were placed at different times, but on the same day.

Christmas morning breakfast at the Hoxsie's.
Crepes! Who told someone these are one of my favorite things to eat besides kabobs?! I was so excited! Justin and Trishna did an amazing job at making enough for everyone. I put some pudding stuff, Nutella, whipped cream and strawberries in mine. I also had eggs, hashbrowns, ham and sausage. So much goodness!!

Presents for everyone!

Tony and I sitting and waiting our turn to open a present

Tony got new slippers - Boise State ones!

I got some super fun socks with owls on them from Tony's mom. Love them and I have worn them all already. There are a few other pairs not pictured here that came with them but Tony wrapped them individually , lol, because he knows I like to open presents.

There's a lot more Christmas to write about in Idaho but I will save part 2 for a bit later!

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Aimee said...

FYI: you can add up to 4 emails on prime. That's why people split the cost of it. Doesn't have to be the same address either. If the packages are going to the same address, they are going to ship them together. Saves on oackaging and shipping costs. They do that to us all the time. Amazon is great. 80$ a year is so worth it. ESP cause you get the tv service with it. :)