Sunday, November 17, 2013

Oh What A Night!

My sister and I went out to Traverse Mountain Outlets in Lehi for the Christmas tree lighting and to see Zendaya perform and hang out a bit because she's never been to these outlets before. We got there just in time to participate in the countdown and watch the tree light up. It was so pretty. It was SO CROWDED. The tree blocked a lot of the standing space for the stage and the sound quality was poor (too much bass) but I got to hear her sing "Replay" and that's all I really wanted. We checked out a few stores, Maurices, Nike, American Eagle and then we headed out.

Santa & Mrs. Claus waving to everyone down below

The concert we couldn't see

Shirt I liked at Maurice's.

Got to Kohls in Draper and we were sitting in the car when we heard a pop and soo much smoke steam started coming out from under my hood. I was like..."What the heck?!" and we just sat there staring. People were walking back to their cars, staring at mine. I got out and saw green coolant from my radiator all over the ground. Great!

I tried to call Tony but his phone was dead...wasn't able to get ahold of him on his Google Voice #..what to do?! I called my neighbor who lives behind us and said, "Knock on the door until Tony answers!" He rocks, he went over right away and got Tony to come to the door and then let Tony use his phone to call me.

Fast forward...I was kind of out of the mood to shop at this point but Laura & I wandered around Kohls and I took pictures of cute owl stuff I liked until Tony showed up with some distilled water. He poured it in to my radiator and it was all falling on the ground. My radiator hose had busted. Laura & I got in Tony's truck and went to an Auto Zone that was 0.3 miles away, handy, but they didnt have the part.

Owl cookie jar

$10 night light. Normally $20. I stayed strong and didnt buy it even though I really wanted to

Owl tree ornaments

Picture frame, so cute

Hoot Hoot! Loved this mug, the colors, the cute owls..oh my!

Ok - focus back to the task at hand! Tony and I were able to find the hose we needed at a different Auto Zone closer to our house so we dropped Laura off to her car and picked up the piece as well as radiator fluid and headed back to the Kohl's parking lot.

The culprit - busted radiator hose. I am so grateful for a husband who is able to fix my car and willing to leave his Boise State game that had JUST started, to come out and help me.

Was able to make it back safely to our house with Tony following me just in case anything was to happen. He had gotten us Papa Murphy pizza for dinner and surprised me by getting the smores dessert pizza. I had wanted to try it on Halloween but it was sold out. Omgoodness, this pizza did not disappoint. So so good, try it if you get the chance!

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Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

Sorry to hear about your car! Total shopping buzz kill for sure! Glad you got the part and all was ok. LOVE the owls and that tree!!! A huge yes please to PM's Smores Pizza!!