Sunday, October 13, 2013

Renaissance Festival - Thanksgiving Point

While Jennifer was in town we got to go to the Renaissance Festival at Thanksgiving Point, about 20 min from where I live. I bought the tickets before she came so it was nice to have this planned.

If you look towards the top left there is a kid on a 'horse' that was set up like a zip line. Pretty funny to watch. They gave the kids some costume stuff to wear and a sword. At the end of the zipline there was something set up that they could hit with their sword. Cute. 

We watched this comedy skit of swordfighting

Tried on some cool capes

I found a crazy bird lady! Wheeee

I'm a sucker for henna tattoos. Seriously. After going all summer without finding anyone that was doing them, I got one at Craft Lake City, the Womens Expo and here. Hooray!

A blue/teal owl of course!

Archery practice - free! So awesome. 
We had to wait awhile for our turn but it was worth it

We got 3 arrows to shoot for 2 rounds.
I really liked it and told Tony so maybe we will go to an archery place sometime. 
I think that would be really fun.

At the end we watched the jousting. We had really wanted to see that but thought we had missed it. Glad they did it one more time, just for us, I'm sure. 

Great times. So glad we got to go! Too bad Tony had to miss it...he was on campus in Provo almost all day and we ended up selling his ticket to a couple in front of us in line. They thought they were at a pumpkin patch but we said no, this is the Renassance Festival. So funny. They ended up coming in to check it out. I hope they had fun.

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