Monday, August 5, 2013

Saturday Pictures, Tubing & Going Shooting

We went to a cool park in Boise to take family pictures. This hasnt been done in a super long time. Pretty much the last time we were all together for pictures nobody was married yet, nobody had gone on a mission yet. Pretty weird to think about. 

Boys getting a turn

Girls getting a turn

Adding Miss Hailey in to the picture 

Just me, my sisters and my mom. I love this picture and cant wait to see how the photographer captured it. Huge thanks to Tony for snapping a few pictures with my camera because I knew I would have to wait a long time to get the real pictures.

My brothers and my dad. Woot. Looking mighty fine.

My parents trying to get pictures taken with the grandkids. 
This was so funny to watch. T and H didnt have a problem sitting for the camera but Riley wanted to get up and run free instead of sit anywhere to get his picture taken. We were laughing so much.

Riley's face! LOL

Trying to get just the grandkids together for a picture. Well, they are together but getting them to look at the camera was another story.

My sisters with their kids.

Afterwards we went to the parking lot to eat (tailgate party!) meat sandwiches, chips and cookies.

 After eating, everyone pretty much went their separate ways. My parents were nice enough to wait for Tony & I to change into our swim gear because we wanted to go tubing down the Boise river. I tried so hard to get anyone else in my family to come with us but they either didn't want to or had lame excuses. So in the end we were able to have Justin (Tony's brother in law) come with us. He was also so kind to let us borrow tubes so all I ended up paying for was a life jacket.

Tony filling up the tubes

Waiting for Justin to get to the starting point so we could get on the river

One more selfie just for the sake of it. 

Floating the river was fun, took awhile - we did the whole thing! Justin jumped off a bridge, Tony & I decided just to watch. I wish I had brought my waterproof camera but since I didn't, I have no other pictures of our adventures.

In the evening we filled up water balloons and were able to convince beg a couple of my brothers and one of my brother in law's to go shooting with us. Huge thanks to Trevor for letting us shoot his guns and for Tony who brought his as well.

Matthew loading up one of the guns

Shooting at our target water balloons

Ready to shoot - ear protection. 
No eye protection this time but it wasn't a problem

I did sort of poorly. I have not been shooting for awhile!
And now I cant remember what gun I was shooting but it was one I was not used to shooting (like the revolver) I think it was an AK-47

View of...Idaho.

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