Friday, January 11, 2013

CES 2013

My yearly tradition now since this is the 3rd year in a row I have had the opportunity to attend the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas? Dont mind if I do! Today I had about 2-1/2 hours to explore so I stayed in the main building at the conference center. CES just does it for me, much like candy mountain is to Charlie the unicorn.

First stop, to get my badge!


Got my face taken by an app that the New  York Times people had on their iPad (only available to them for CES) and you said a word and it picked news stories and words that went with it. First I said "hot air balloon" but it was kinda "eh" so I said "Arizona" and it turned out much better. Love this so much! It is really cool to look at.

Next, here are tons of pictures of all the stuff there I saw that I thought was so super cool

Pentax cameras. So many of them. Really cool colors and color combinations , did a few close up in the picture below

Fun speakers that suction to glass

Even saw an owl at CES :)

I thought Tony would appreciate this display of telescopes. The one right there on the right was pretty chunky!

With this TV you did not need to wear 3D glasses. Pretty freekin cool. Maybe in the year 3000 I will own one of these. Ha!

Slingbox was there. We had one for a bit. Maybe we will get one again sometime. They are partnered with Dish now and we have Comcast. Such is life.

Smart fridge. If someone got used to this and then the electricity went out or something malfunctioned , I'm sure it would no end will. Still, I thought it was very interesting and wish I could have spent more time learning about how it all works.

There was another brand at CES similar to GoPro but this booth had tons more people than the other company. Teehehe

Took this picture for Tony because it is soccer and there was a soccer ball. 4K..gotta learn about that I guess!

The display behind me went around the whole room, it was huge!

Here it is standing a bit farther back. It was moving and changing. So wow.

Phone cases on display. Lots of neat colors

Interesting cameras here. Some were so big, like that silver one on the middle left? Super fat and chunky I'm not sure who would even buy it?!

This water falling display spelled out words and did designs, as you can kind of see here there is a design going on. It was sort of annoying to listen to but looked way cool!

These TV's in the Samsung display basically have no border around them, it's just very very skinny. Lots different than the TV I have now. More picture = more better!

A different view of a different part of the Samsung TV's. The picture displayed was amazing.

Sony Smartwatch. I want one! Looks similar to my (kno)Name Flektor watch but! this watch connects to the bluetooth on your phone and you  can see who is calling before you grab your phone, check Twitter and Facebook updates, email, view maps, pictures and more. I was blown away by how cool it was. You can scroll top to bottom or right to left. It will play your music. Wow. SO so cool. The blinged out band is not available in the US though. At least not yet. These came out last year so I'm not sure why I didnt hear about them yet til today!

85" TV! "The Future of Television" So many people were crowded around it so I was unable to get a closer picture but it was like sitting in front of your own personal movie theater screen. Impressive.

Missed the demonstration on 3rd generation gorilla glass but will try to catch it on Friday. So many buildings and booths left to see that I doubt I will make it back in but we'll see. They also had these cables that do not fray and you can bend and beat and try to pull on them and stretch them. They are so durable. Imagine, no more frayed cell phone or ipod cords!

Smart refrigerator on the right..and I guess on the left is a freezer?

The picture I took a picture of was taken with a Canon camera. WOW I wish the tag by the photo had said where this had been taken. I thought the photo had a light behind it but no, the camera did it all!

Same with this amazing photo of what looked to be a piece of ice on the beach. I couldnt stop staring at it.

Portable wireless speakers with all kinds of logos and designs, you could even put your own photos on

Close to 6pm (when everything closed) I saw some Engadget guys doing a live show

New Ford car I thought looked pretty slick. It even had 4 doors :)

Tired feet after only 2-1/2 hours. Hope they do better tomorrow because I'll be at CES for 5 hours. Next year - go Wednesday, Thursday Friday instead of just Thursday and Friday ;-)


The Rosenau's said...

Wow that is a lot of awesome stuff!! will people be able to buy that stuff in the near future?

Stacie said...

Yea it is all coming out eventually if not already. The portable speakers look ready to go but I didnt talk to anyone at the booth to see when they would be ready to buy.The Sony smartwatch is already ready to buy :)GoPro and Slingbox are out (latest versions I believe) but everything else I am not sure