Friday, October 19, 2012

Saturday in Albuquerque

I dropped Tony off at a sports bar so he could watch his Boise State game and I drove to my friend Carli's place to watch / listen to some of conference and catch up! It was great to see her again and talk about life things. 

I met up with Tony at the sports bar and he bought me lunch and I caught up on my internets ;-) Went back to the hotel, Tony took a nap because he had no sleep after driving all night. I monitored the balloon festival on Twitter and Facebook, checking the weather.

Here are some pictures from the evening...

The balloons were not up for long because it got too windy but it was fun to see them up for a bit!

The panda balloon came out to play!
Our friend Judy did not come with her balloon but she was on the field all day Sunday

Great fireworks show on Sunday evening before heading back to the hotel.

We stayed at a Motel 6 , not too shabby, I thought the shelf on the wall by the sink was cool.
The only complaints I had was that there were ants and the TV didnt work. A repair man came and fixed it, we turned it off and left for awhile and when we came back, it wouldnt get channels again! sad day. Oh, and the internet..could not pay for another day online, you had to go to the office and only 1 device could be connected to the internet at a time. Blah.  Guess it's good we didnt spend much time in the hotel room!

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