Thursday, October 4, 2012

All About Birds

Birds/Owls...the obsession continues. Hopefully these are pictures I have not posted before. Squee! I want to buy all the owl stuff!

My cute owl from Gardner Village but I saw them at Hobby Lobby too

Boo! Haha, their eyes light up! These were at Big Lots I think

Owl fabric at Joannes Craft Store

Owl PJs at Sears Outlet. I heart these!

At a dept. store at the mall. So cute 

Kitchen Timers at Bed Bath & Beyond

more material at Joanns

Halloween decor. Love the colors

an owl pumpkin - so creative!

Would love to hang this on my door. I'll buy it for 75% off though after the holiday and hang it next year.

This owl looks strict

I think this was at Claire's possibly

These were at ShopKo I believe

Adorable owl wallet at the mall

Fun earrings at Kohls

Bird dishes - so fun!


Sean and Deana said...

The earings at khols are my favorite of the pictures! Love them. Did you actually buy any of these items or just take pictures and wish they were yours? haha.

Stacie said...

No, didnt buy any of these items except the first one (the Ty owl). Ah yea those Kohl's earrings..maybe I'll get them with my $10 off coupon for Black Friday! I dont remember how much they were. But yea..these are all pix that I took of items I wish I had. LoL

Corrine Loftus said...

I love some Owl stuff too, but when I see them I think of you! Probably like me and Flamingos!!