Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy Wedding Day

My brother Jeffrey married his gf McKayla on August 3rd 2012 at 5pm in the Twin Falls, ID temple since the Boise temple was closed or else they might have gotten married there. Laura , Rocky & Riley drove from Utah as well as Tony & I. My sister in Washington and my brother in Arkansas were not able to make it.

I am not sure why these pictures turned out so tiny but here is the newly married couple. You can probably click to make the collage larger

They took a reallly long time to come out of the temple so while we waited outside I got to hold Riley & feed him a bottle. He got a little drunk on his milk it looks like from the first picture. Teehee

Taking random pictures while we waited & waited

McKayla and my parents in the top right hand picture
Bottom left hand picture is McKayla's brother and his gf

My family. Me, my sister, dad, McKayla, Jeffrey (my brother) , Mom and Evan. I'm not sure why Evan is standing so far away from us...

We were finally able to escape to check out Shoshone Falls (next post) and go to dinner with Laura & Rocky. Stopped by the temple later in the evening to pick up our car since we carpooled and I got this night time shot on my camera while Tony was busy using his camera and the tripod to take a bunch of pictures. 

Trying to do a self-shot

There was SO much Lambs Ear. I love this stuff bc the leaves are so soft!

Twin Falls LDS Temple

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