Thursday, June 14, 2012

Non-Stop Saturday!

This Saturday was def. one of the busiest we have had in awhile in Salt Lake City. Having a busy weekend out of town doesn't count in this case. 

First we started off our morning in Sandy at the REI Member sale.

LOVED this North Face jacket , so warm, fit okay but the sleeves were a bit short. Nono :( There was a rip in the top left shoulder material. Double Nono. 

Tony did buy these for reals. They creep me out.

Loved these shorts but they were coming apart at some of the seams :(

Loved that tent.
Loved the baby playpen for camping.
Those people got good stuff.

People grab what they want, then claim a spot on the grass to look over what they got and see if they still want it or not. It's a time to set up tents (Tony set one up but the frame was really bent!) , blow up air mattresses, try on shoes, etc. 

Loved this jacket but a) it wasn't North Face (it's on my 30 Things Before 30 list to own at least 1 North Face item) b) it was still $70 or $80. Blah. 

We went to IHOP for breakfast because I had a coupon for free food and we were both pretty hungry.

Tony got a crepe, hash browns and an egg.

I got an omlette - it was huge! and hashbrowns. 

Went with Tony to a grilling class at Orson Gygi in SLC. We couldnt pay rent online for some reason so we had gone to Smiths to get a money order and by then it was almost 1:30, the class was at 2 so I ended up going with Tony so he didnt have to drop me off at home.

Grilled meat as kabobs. Mmm

Grilled salsa. So good!

Then we went home and got the car because it was getting really windy and we went to Thanksgiving Point for the Scottish Festival & Games. I had free tickets on Facebook, thank goodness, we didnt spend long enough there to warrant having to buy $15/tickets (adults). It was so so windy out there that we stayed for an hour or so and then left.

A funny sign Tony saw 

 The girls' hair is blowing in the wind. It was really strong.
A lot of the tents had shut down/were being taken down even though I think the event was supposed to go until 10pm. We were going to buy a Navajo taco for dinner and they shut down before we got one!

Santa in a kilt.

 Plato's Closet was having a 1/2 off sale so I went and Tony patiently waited in the car for me. Loved this shirt but it was too big. Loved the jacket behind it - had birds all over it! But it was one size too small. Darn it. I did get a shirt, a skirt, some shoes and earrings w/necklace all for $15.

Ate at Red Corner China Diner for dinner. A review will be on my Food tab.

Went to our friend Jennifer's reception in Provo
So glad we went! We saw the Hadley's who now live in Utah and also Allison Nance and Leah Nance (who is now married. I wish we had gotten a picture with everyone. They were all in the Woodland 2nd ward a long time ago! The Hadley's, not quite as long ago ;-)

I love my skirt here but got in a rush to leave on time when Laura came to pick me up so I dont like the rest of what I'm wearing. I look like a scraggly muffin here. 

I do love Jennifer's dress though!

Went to Winco almost every day to take advantage of this sale.  A little high in the fat content but such a good price we couldnt pass it up. We bought 60 altogether.

The end! I think that was enough packed in to such a busy Saturday.


Lindsay said...

What?? SLC has a Winco? I am so excited to be moving to Vegas where they'll have a Winco, but I didn't realize they had them in UT...

Stacie said...

Yep! I dont know when it was put in but it was here when I got here. Pretty exciting stuff. I didnt know there was a Winco in Vegas I dont think..but they do have Food4Less which I love!