Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lions Gate Manor

The one good picture I got of us on the trip. Married 1 year now!
Hoping for many more together <3

Some more pictures I took of where we stayed so you can get a better idea

Free Tours & a gift apparently when you come get a tour. I wonder what the gift is!

These stairs lead to a common area and doors to some of the rooms as well as the office

This fancy wooden birdcage was upstairs. Very cool! So fancy

The view from the deck upstairs. Deer come around in the morning and evenings. I saw one sitting under a tree when we were out on the deck. Neat!

The dining room where we were served breakfast Sunday morning. So fancy and elegant!

Breakfast started out with this, and a muffin slice which I ate before I took the pic. Oops

We were cooked yummy eggs, hash browns, toast , bacon and sausage. Such a feast for someone who doesn't eat much for breakfast, esp at 8am! There was hot chocolate with homemade whipped cream, orange juice, milk and water. There were 3 different jelly/jams for the toast.

 Posing for a pic before heading to the hot springs. I liked the lions up by the stairs

 The view from the front porch. I do hope we get to go back and stay again sometime!

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