Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween & NaMoBloMo

November is National Blog Posting month. So in coordination the question for Nov. 1st is , "What is your favorite part about writing?"  I think when I write I like that I am not having to submit it as homework to some teacher to criticize. I had a horrible teacher at the community college I went to in CA..I had just come back from a mission and he wanted us to write about current events and events that had happened the last while, which I had missed out on since I was a missionary. Trying to catch up on events was hard and I wasnt really in the mood to know them either. Before this English class I didnt mind writing and actually enjoyed it but after this class, I grew to hate writing. Out of a full class with a wait list , by the end of the semester there was 10 or less of us left. Ugh.

On to Halloween...

Tony was a ninja

I was a caving chick

 Went around the corner and down the street to a haunted house but we were a little too early. Oops. So we went home and I handed out some candy to kids.

Came back and the news was there. Kinda cool. A line of people too but we only had to wait about 10 minutes or so.

 They had a TV outside showing people going through the maze. Nice feature

Going through was pretty cool. The guy who put this together did an awesome job! Tony jumped so hard when the guy raked something on a metal door gate that made sparks. I had seen it on the news already so I wasnt startled really. I laughed so hard at Tony though!

We watched some TV and ate orange and black chips with salsa and mac & cheese. High class. What did you do for Halloween?


The Gilberts said...

Sounds like a fun Halloween! I love your costumes. A caver chick...totally you! :) Fun!

Ash and Matt | A SoCal Story said...

Cool neighbors! And I love the costumes :)