Thursday, September 15, 2011

Utah "State" Fair

I should not have gone to the state fair here in Utah with such high expectations. I was hoping it would be as great as the Sacramento and Phoenix state fairs but sadly , it felt the size of the Yolo County fair that I grew up going to in CA.  Which, btw, that county fair ROCKS, its free to park, free to get in, and the exhibition building is pretty big. Plus I always run in to people I know. And there is a booth that sells papusas. Mmm.

Since I live in Utah and had never been to the state fair here, Tony & I decided to check it out on Monday night and then I went again on Tuesday night with Laura & Celeste for "The Taste of Utah". 

 Carved out of butter! Pretty amazing.

We got a kalua pork and rice bowl for dinner on Monday night. It was pretty tasty, the long wait in line was worth it.

Luckily we were right close to the sea lion show so we walked over there to eat our food and wait for the show to start.

It was pretty entertaining. I kind of wish I had taken a video!

 Checked out some of the exhibits that people had entered. I miss entering things in the fair! The fair in AZ I felt like there was too much competition to enter but maybe the SLC fair I have a shot at winning next year if I was to enter something. We'll see. Anyways, I LOVE the dress on the right, the material and the style. Super cute!

Super funny to me

Went to see some of the animals , some were being put away for the night but this goat was so hungry he got down on his front legs to reach his food!

Tony always takes the best pictures of me...ha

This one is better

  Funny sign that we saw walking back to our car. This is the parking lot we ended up parking in. Only $5 to park instead of $6. Woot. Saved $1!


Taste of Utah - I heard about this event by googling it I think? Because I know Idaho has a "Taste of Idaho" so I wondered if Utah did. then saw it was happening at the fair and there was a tweetup happening as well so I signed up! Laura & Celeste came with me too. Inside the tent we got to try many yummy foods from local vendors.

Fat Boy
ice cream sandwiches, Apple Beer, Utah Truffles <-- Laura & I both got a little sample pack of them because we are on Twitter I guess? and the girl working the booth 'knew' me from the SLC Summer Crew! Way cool to meet in real life! back to who was there..Seal Sasma teriyaki sauces, Laurie's Buffalo Gourmet (chips and salsa), Sweet's (they carry my favorite cinnamon bears!) , Miller's Honey CompanyGood Grains by Gregory's - got a whole slice of their cranberry orange multigrain bread. NOM! Utah Natural Meat, and Frida Bistro, just to name a few.

Cafe de Rico & Market
- got a free tshirt and hat from them...was thinking to give away the shirt on my blog for a contest but I dont know if I have enough readers that anyone would even participate?

It was so great to find out that a lot of these vendors sell their food at Whole Foods, which I just bought a deal for online ($20 worth of food for $10) and now that I know what their products taste like, I will definitely be buying some of my favorites. All in all, a success!

 I wanted to get this panda blanket for $35 but we kind of have a lot of blankets already. But you can never have too many, right?

 Big & Rich was performing at the fair that evening. The night Tony & I went , it was Weird Al.

 We had to stay outside the gate because we didnt have tickets. But there's a tiny view of the stage!

 With the concert and yummy kettle corn!

 Laura & I

Silly picture of me with my hat I bought at the fair Tuesday night (since Tony wasnt there to stop me..LOL)

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