Monday, September 12, 2011

Remembering Sept 11th

 Tony and I stopped by The Healing Field at the Sandy City Hall on Sunday after hearing about it from Brother Cox in our ward. I sure am glad he told us about it as it was a pretty touching thing to experience.

 This picture above makes me laugh because the boy is about to shake the soliders hand and the girl looks like she is trying to stop him. Haha!

 Actual debris from NYC, World Trade Center

 Tony holding a flag with all the names of the people that died that day

 I really like what this milestone says, "The rights of the people are superior to the power of government." This has been forgotten by the government I think

 Reading about someone , most all the flags had information/ some history on a person who died at the World Trade Center that day

 So many flags

 A new statue they unveiled outside of the city hall, I really really like it

 There were quite a lot of people visiting the field while we were there

Reading of the names which we stood and listened to for a few minutes before heading home

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