Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Couponing Trip

Okay! I went to Walmart in Utah County on June 13th so that my friend Lindsay & I could check out at midnight and get our coupons doubled. She invited me to go and I had a bunch of coupons I thought I could use so away we went! We drove about 1/2 hour to get to this particular Walmart.

When we arrived, it was pretty mind boggling what we saw. I wish I had taken pictures. A group of people already had their carts stacked high with multiple items of the same category. I only had 1 coupon per item! We got there about 1030pm at night and the shelves were mostly cleared. 

To read a better blog post about what went down, check out Lindsay's blog for more details. 
Below is what I got that is listed in the picture and what I paid for it:

Bounty Towels $4.97 (12 pack not pictured actually)
Hawaiian Rolls $0.50
Lip Balm $0.25
Cake Mix & Frosting $1.59
Mini pepperoni $1.53
Ketchup $0.48
Yo plait Yogurt FREE
Lunch-meat $0.88
Baby Wipes $0.47
Vinegar $0.03
Butter $0.53
Stay-free Pads $1.86
Band-aids - I made $0.03
Candy Bars FREE (I got 4 but ate one)
Tic Tacs $0.04
Crystal Light $1.48

Walmart doesn't tell you your savings but I got all of the above for: $14.64

We did a price match to get the grapes (not pictured) for cheaper.

There were a lot of things I wanted to get that were totally cleared off the shelves. And some things I had coupons for, it would be a better deal at another store.

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