Tuesday, January 4, 2011

California Christmas

I left from Chandler on the 17th with my friend Nicole and her daughter Hannah. Before I left town, my visiting teacher gave me this awesome Christmas present!! (see below) I love love love it and cant wait to use it. The items on the board with button magnets are just things I was testing out.

So I didnt taken any pictures on our drive but the weather was pretty crazy once we crossed the border into CA. Lots of rain, heavy rain and sometimes fog.  We saw quite a few accidents of cars that had hydroplaned. Scary. I drove most of the way and Nicole helped drive for a couple hours. We got to Linda's (her mom's house where we were staying) at about 630am and crashed for a few hours.  I took Hannah with me to the bank (Yay I got to go to Bank of the West!) and then picked us up Taco Bell for lunch.
Hannah - age 4-3/4
The reason we went so early to CA was that Linda had a knee replacement on Friday so Nicole was going to be there Saturday to help take care of her. Linda got home in the mid-afternoon I think and it was really awesome to see her. I was out doing Christmas shopping and driving around Woodland. In the evening I went to my friend Sue's annual Christmas party at her house which was so good! and I got to see lots of friends there. Then I went to Michael's and out to my aunt & uncle's house for a bit.

Sue helped me make this thru-out the week as an early wedding present! I LOVE IT!
I was pretty tired when I came home that night!

Sunday - Church was at 930am in the Woodland 2nd ward. LOVE my family ward back home! Still has so many familiar faces. 
must be Christmas time (or Valentines Day?) so many people wearing red in Relief Society class!
 It was the Christmas program for sacrament mtg. so that went really well. Later in the afternoon I went caroling and rode in a van with some of the Ericksons, Betty, and the Jensen's. We visited some people in the ward, a couple weren't home but most were. Then we went back to the church for treats and hot cider.

Monday was so busy! I did a lot of things.. starting with breakfast at Country Waffles with my friend Kelli. She and her family used to live down the street from us when we all lived in Cali.

Visited Sis Manzer in the early afternoon and got a tour of their sweet new house.  She gave me a pillow pet for Christmas - a panda one!

Met up with Betty at one of our favorite thrift stores. I found 3 skirts and got them for under $5 total! 2 were Old Navy & one was a cherry skirt. At 4pm my friend Natalie and I drove to Sacramento where she wanted me to go to a certain store to try on wedding dresses. The store had a small selection but I found a few to try on. AND...I found a winner. So surprised I did! I've had a few friends find their dresses there though so it was neat that I did too!

sneak peek of the dress...this is all you get to see til April 23! (minus the few lucky people who have gotten to see the full dress..which are very few people)

Tuesday I went to Crepeville in Davis for breakfast with my good friend Emily + I got to meet her husband Chase. It was so awesome to see her again and her husband was so neat!
Tuesday evening my friends Kokob and Myca went with me to the Kings game at Arco Arena! First we went to Mimi's Cafe for dinner. I tried this yummy potato chowder soup (pictured) as well as a chicken curry dish with chocolate mousse topped with strawberries for dessert.

We had fairly good seats at the game. Better than the tickets I had bought for the 23rd (which I ended giving away to friends) we were in the top level but on the bottom row. We had a great view!

Myca, Kokob & I playing with the settings on my phone

Sweet panoramic shot

Kokob brought these super cool tiny Altoids - so good!

Even though the Kings ended up losing (in OT) it was still a really fun time. Thanks Kokob and Myca for going to the game with me! and BIG THANKS again to the Manzers for the tickets & parking pass!

Kokob came over  Wednesday morning and we hung out at Linda's for a bit and also we went to Nugget and she treated me to breakfast! I got my favorite cranberry orange bagel with cream cheese and the Orange Peel drink. 

Mmmm so yum! It was awesome that we were able to hang out again the next day. She is a friend I always enjoy meeting up with when I'm in town and keeping in touch with when I'm not!


Janelle Ehat said...

K totally random, but is that the back of Cyndi Larson and her mom in the RS picture?! Crazy! But I'm pretty sure I recognize the backs of both of their heads!!

Stacie said...

Haha! Yeah it is! I was sitting in the very very back and noticed all the red so I took a sneaky pic. Good eye!