Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's Fair!

I went to the fair this year 2x now so I figured I should try to post the event in order. Even though the first time I went was before Halloween, oh well.

 Nobody else wanted to go on the Saturday I went (Oct 23) but I wanted to badly see the Thrill the World flashmob deal going on. Next year I am going to be in it! They had people in so many states and countries doing the thriller dance at the same time. My friends Brad, CJ and her sister Daylen and their mom were all in it. I met Brad, CJ and Daylen at PodcampAz last year. Cant wait to hang out with them again at the one happening later this month. They did a great job performing as well!

 Next I wandered around by myself which was def. very uncool and not very fun. I was sitting by the merry-go-round fiddling with my phone because I could only get texts, I couldn't update my facebook, twitter or foursquare and it was really frustrating. I guess T Mobile only has 1 tower in the area and so many people were trying to use it. As I was sitting there I heard my name. So I looked up and it was my friend Jenni and her nephew! I had no idea they were at the fair & they invited me to hang out with them which I immediately agreed to. They saved me the rest of the evening!

Checking out the crazy mirror

 Pretty sunset in the evening

 They even had a short zip line!

Checked out the animals and they were so cool! Saw some fat fat hens, a baby kangaroo, goats and a llama and other animals!

 This was my miracle funnel cake. I was starving and this sounded good. When I ordered it the girl told me my total and the horrible words , "cash only". I didnt know it was just cash! So I said, well I will cancel this order because I didnt know it was cash only. She said nono, and pulled $2 out of her apron pocket. Wow. She was a teenager and I was super impressed that she would do that for me! I shared this with Jenni & her cute nephew, I wish I could remember his name. I left around 7pm but after being at the fair since 3:30 , I was exhausted!

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Michael Beckstead said...

Looks like an awesome time!