Friday, October 29, 2010

Shooting & Purple Turtles

 Saturday afternoon we went shooting with our friends Suzie and Creighton who recently got married a few weeks ago!

It was really fun to see them and hang out. I think they had a good time too.

Then we came back to Tony's house and waited for Laura & Nicole to come so we could go out for dinner. While we were waiting we practiced on Tony's slackline. Suzie and Creighton are really good!

I might or might not have had someone holding my  hand as I attempted to make it across

Even Laura & Nicole gave it a shot! 

Then Suzie and Creighton headed out and the rest of us headed to Pleasant Grove to eat at the Purple Turtle. A restaurant Tony had passed by previously but had never eaten at. He wanted to wait to try it when I was in town! Aww

                                                              I spy it - the Purple Turtle!

 Their food was okay-priced. Maybe a little high. Tony was such a gentleman and paid for our food! I got  the swiss mushroom burger and it was SO GOOD

Then we shared a large strawberry banana blizzard type shake. Mmmm

Finished the evening out by going shopping at Plato's Closet with Nicole and Laura. Then we dropped Laura off at her house so she could go pick up Rocky from work while Nicole and I went to Kohls. Tony was so awesome and let me spend time with them even though he would have rather me do things with him I am sure, esp since my time in Utah was so brief (as usual). Thank you Tony for being so patient and letting me go out!


Random pic from our Sunday drive - Tony was peeking! Haha!


Aimee said...

How fun :)

You look cute in that first picture too!

The Gilberts said...

I love shooting! I haven't been shooting in YEARS! And I love your last photo. That is just ridiculously cute!