Sunday, May 16, 2010

I Almost Died That Night!

"Lets go find a cave, I have a map" , says Tony one Saturday.

First we head down to Provo and go eat samples at Costco, go to an outdoor store, an army surplus store & DI. We meet up with our friend Suzie around 3pm and head to this mountain to
try to find the cave.

I was happy with this "cave" that we found.

But it wasnt the one that the GPS was trying to take us to.

Posing for a photo before we started hiking higher.

I knew it was a bad idea. I knew it was going to take longer and that the GPS was a little off course. Dont tell me how I knew but I just did. I was so tired of hiking, its not one of my strong points, but Tony & Suzie were so nice to let me stop and take a rest whenever I needed one.

Can you spy where we parked the truck? We were up soo high!

Pretty flowers along the way.

Suzie contemplating where to go next. Jk.

Found ourselves up and on the wrong side of the mountain. So we had to go down this cliff and up the other side. I barely made it down alive. Suzie went down first and tons of small rocks and dirt went sliding out from underneath her. Tony went next and then it was my turn. Nothing was steady. My handholds were about to fall out of the cliff I was hanging off of. Finally they gave way forcing me to fall a few feet down the steep incline towards Tony who luckily caught me. I got some nice bruises though. So now we are in the crack between the two mountains. We start walking farther in, it starts to sprinkle, we decide to turn around and head back towards the truck after realizing we were supposed to be up on the left hand side of the mountain which was a steep (and probably not so steady) climb up.

We hiked all the way up to that rock! A lot farther and harder than it looks

My tired face after that adventure of almost dying the first time that afternoon.

Driving about 20-30 min outside of Provo to go to the Fifth Water Hot Springs. The scenery was way pretty.

By the time we got to start the 2+ mile hike to the hot springs, it was starting to get dark. But the water we saw/heard was really pretty. The hike was not so bad, just really long. I kept asking people coming back the other way "how much longer?" lol! When I got discouraging answers ("20 min", "30 min more") I stopped asking. It was mostly flat, a little up and down but not too bad. We FINALLY arrived. I changed into my swim suit, so did Tony & Suzie was smart and already had hers on. It kind of stunk...sulfer? I guess. It was pretty dark when we arrived and got in but the water felt SO good.

After spending quite a long time in the hot springs, hanging out and talking, the snow was starting to fall. My hair was cold but the rest of me was warm. We realized the snow was only getting heavier so we got out and dried off best we could, despite leaving a towel and some clothes and our shoes in the snow. Oops! We stopped by a campfire some guys had made who were camping on our trek back. I was so full of energy to walk back to the truck but after awhile I just entered survival mode. Not blinking. Just exhausted by the days' events. Somehow I made it back, walking in the snow, slippery mud, grabbing on to roots to keep from falling into the water rushing below. Yikes. It was intense. I slept all the way to In N Out. Barely woke up when we dropped Suzie off at her apartment.


All in all it was a good day despite the scariness and near death. The hot springs were WaY cool and if you are ever out down around Provo, ,its def a place you should go check out!

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alma and nicole smith said...

It sounds a little scary for sure, but those are the trips that you remember most I guess. I'm glad you didn't get banged up any worse. Also, thanks for the love on our blog.