Monday, September 14, 2009

Tony Time

Tony & I packed a TON into our weekend together! I picked him up Thursday night at the airport and we pretty much just chilled at my place and watched Jericho online.

Friday morning I had to work so while I was at work Tony fixed my bike!! He put on my new bike seat and pumped up my tires with air. After work I picked him up and we went to Sweet Tomatoes because I had a coupon that expired that day + it is one of our favorite places to eat.

mmm their muffins are so good!

Then we went to the Mesa Arts Center where my friend Morgan took pics of us. The intent and purpose was to get some of us together since usually it is us standing with an arm extended trying to take a pic but the ones Morgan took turned out tons better!

(this was just taken with my digital camera up against an old school bus that looked like homeless people lived in!)

Next we went to Phoenix to pick up a sweet bike rack I found on craigslist. YAY ! Finally I found a good one for a decent price so I can take my bike with me when I travel. Right now I just want to take it to Chandler to ride with Paul, Rene & Joey or meet them wherever they are biking. For now I need to practice though because it has been awhile since I have ridden for an extended amount of time

Next we dropped off our roll of film at Walgreen & went to Superstition Springs mall and walked around before our dollar-theater movie started. We watched "Imagine That", cute G rated film and hung out outside the theater for a bit. It was SO nice outside and we even got a few drops of rain. Love the atmosphere at SS Mall.

We hadnt eaten dinner yet so we at at Cheesecake Factory, right next to the theater. Tony had never eaten there before and it was super delish. Their bread is so good, we tried their triangle cheese crisp appetizers and shared a dish of rice with veggies and meat with a piece of
cheesecake - chocolate mousse - to go

Saturday we could not decide what to do! Ended up not going to CA for my friend Kevin's wedding reception. I was very sad to miss it. Ended up not going on a hike to Water Wheel due to fires up there that had not been cleaned up yet :( Missed Joey's first soccer game because we didnt really wake up until 745 or so and by the time we got out there it would have been almost over. Didnt go to my friend Tausha's baby shower out in Peoria. She is having twins but I dont get to have Tony time too often so I decided just to spend the day with him.

So instead we did so many other things starting with picking up our pictures from are a few that I will share:

(this one is one of my favorites!)

Then we did an "errand" which I am not going to disclose right now....went shopping at Goodwill and I got a shirt & Tony got a couple shirts and a pair of PJ pants. it was half-off everything day which happens every other Saturday & pretty much the only time I go to Goodwill now! Stopped by Costco and got free samples of so many different kinds of food! Then we drove and met up at ChickFila with Paul, Rene & Joey for a late lunch. That was really fun & the food was good too. Plus the company! It is always so fun to see my cousin and his family!

Headed over to Fry's Electronics to walk around and check out cool things there. AND to Ikea! It was really fun to walk around and pick out different bedroom set ups and kitchens that we liked.

So much walking around was wearing us out!

But the day was not over yet! We drove out to another undisclosed business in Scottsdale only to find out they were closed! So we went to Scottsdale Fashion Mall and found a Build-A-Bear! And this is where Hoote was born. A sister for Pandy! We are expanding our little family. Hehe

Getting an air bath..

Is our Saturday over yet? Nope! Not so much. We stopped by a YSA back-to-school activity and ate hamburgers and watched the dance off. It was pretty fun & I saw a few friends there. Went to Golden Spoon before it closed at 1030 and got frozen yogurt. I got coconut and chocolate mouse and Tony got strawberry. Mmm Mmm delicious! Hooray for coupons again!

Sunday we watched more episodes of our show & went to the Gable ward for church at 1:45. The primary kids from the family ward came and performed their program which was about families and they did such a good job! Talked to Rusty & Ben afterwards and then we went back to my place. We made dinner (stir fry) and cookies (molasses/ginger snaps) and went to my friend Dallin & Julie's for a movie on their projector screen! We watched WallE which neither of us had seen before.

Got Tony to the airport this morning at 630 and his flight left at 650am so he missed his flight but was able to catch one at 830 so that is good. He ended up leaving all his stuff with me though so he didnt have to check it in and so now I have to figure out how to get it to Utah! Good thing I am going for conference in a few weeks...


Gates & Tausha said...

oh my gosh you're so "SNEEKY"..."undisclosed" businesses ahahah...we all know what it is. :) hence the PICTURES. pah hahaha...sounds like you had an awesome weekend! lots o fun!

Michael Beckstead said...

I'm with Tausha on this one... haha! You guys make a great couple!

Ash and Matt said...

I can guess what that secret errand was!!! Can't wait for the news :-) PS your description of the food has me CRAVING Cheesecake Factory!

Ashley Gilbert said...

How exciting!!! I can't wait hear about your errand OFFICAILLY! You two are so much fun together! :)

The Vaughns Tribe said...

oh my... i haven't been paying attention!! i didn't realize "hoote" was born... i recall talk of her possibility of coming into existence, but i didn't realize her birth had came to be ;)
"welcome hoote!"