Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Museum of Illusions - L.A.

I'm a sucker I guess for pop up museums and there are a few I want to go to but they can get spendy. The Museum of Illusions was not too badly priced and my friend Wendy agreed to go with me so on a Wednesday we headed to L.A. to check this place out!

It did not disappoint. 

Well, we did wish it had been a bit bigger. But overall we got a lot of really cool pictures. 

Check it out!


We didnt pose with all the picture murals but most of them we did.

I look like such a giant! Haha

Causing trouble with some tomatoes

SO much fun to go here with Wendy and get some fun photos. 

Have you ever been to a pop up museum before?

If you'd like to go to this museum,  you can check out their 
Facebook page for more information.

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