Thursday, August 10, 2017

Layton Taste of the Town

My brother Matt and I took our nephews Reese and Riley for Pioneer Day. First we went to Bluffdale to a water park which was pretty cool and then up to Layton for Taste of the Town. This is my 3rd year going I think? It's super fun and I was excited to have some new people to go with even though I missed people I have gone with in the past.

The event only lasts a few hours and we got there about an hour into it. We claimed a spot on the grass and set our stuff down then went to hunt down the food tickets. 

$1 per ticket and most vendors wanted 1 to 3 tickets or so for their food. 

The chips and salsa was popular because it was only 1 ticket! At one point Noodles and Co were giving out 2 rice krispy treats for 1 ticket. The worst deal was Texas Roadhouse which was 4 tickets I believe for a tiny bit of gravy and beef + a roll. Sigh, lesson learned for next time! I love them but $4 for that meal is a bit ridiculous, considering how small it was, imo.

The Dole Whips were def worth getting. Only 2 tickets = a great size!

We loved having Uncle Mac (Matt) with us and Reese and Riley sure enjoyed having him around!

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