Friday, March 31, 2017

Conference Weekend - Ladies Night Out

I heart being in Salt Lake City for General Conference weekend (#ldsconf) which happens the first weekend in April and October - every 6 months. During Saturday night is the priesthood session for all the men to attend and it's my favorite time to hang out with my sister and other friends. We only have 2 hours and it's hard to fit in all the places I like to go! 

Here are my top favorite spots to spend girls night during the LDS General Conference Priesthood session.

1. Tai Pan Trading
I'm not just saying this because I worked for them about a year and a half but it really is a fun fun night and I find myself wanting to stay the whole time and not leaving to hit up any other store! They have drawings, coupons, refreshments and live singing by Brent who is the head of HR. He has a great voice and is so entertaining! Get on their email list for the best coupons and daily deals. 

2. The Quilted Bear
I never make this one my first stop but it's really cool to go in and walk around and see all the handmade goodies and other items. They have cotton candy and a DJ. They also have coupon deals and other refreshments but if you don't get there til the end, the treats are usually gone. 

3. Deseret Book
This is a standard and helpful to go to if you are already at The Quilted Bear since they are right next door to each other in Draper. They do giveaways, have refreshments and coupon deals. A year or so ago my sister was the final grand prize last winner drawn of the night and received a huge painting! Pretty awesome. 

4. The Wood Connection 
I love what they do for girls night out! Craft projects, treats, games and coupons.  They are even doing deals this weekend for those who can't make it in to the store. 

5. Plato's Closet - Draper
I have a love-hate relationship with this store. I always find stuff to buy but they rarely buy stuff from me. Setting that aside, they do a fun girls night out as well from 5-9pm. A cupcake (if you spend $50) and 10% off the entire store including clearance. The Orem location is also participating in this event. 

So now you are set! Let me know if you go to any other fun events during Saturday evening on conference weekend!

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