Thursday, December 15, 2016

Hair Care Review

Left: dirty hair Right: clean hair

A blogger friend of mine who lives in Utah asked if anyone would want to try some samples of this shampoo and condition called Monat Renew Shampoo and I said yes because my hair needs help! I never noticed it having problems when I lived in Northern CA. Then I went to live in Portland, Phoenix , Salt Lake and now I'm in Southern CA. My hair seems to be the worst down here! So dry, not soft or shiny (to me) but then again I always hide it under a hat. So I figured it was worth a shot to give this a try.

This is my before shower pic. I last washed my hair on Sunday. So now it's a yucky heavy wavy mess. This is why I don't wear my hair down much. It's terrible. I have to take a lot of time to straighten it or when I take it out of my constant ponytail - it looks like this. Slap a hat on my head and I'm done! But that's besides the point. My hair is super dry and I just want to shave my head. It's not long after I get out of the shower and my hair dries that it just doesn't feel good or clean.

This is my hair shortly after showering. Still a little damp but getting towards dry.

My experience using the shampoo in the shower was no less than amazing. I could tell the shampoo was legit the moment I squeezed some in to my hands. It was dense and had the beautiful smell of fresh oranges. I use various brands of shampoo and none lately smell as nice as this one! I could have stopped after 2 rounds of the shampoo - my hair felt so soft and smooth. I moved on next to the conditioner and let it sit in my hair for about 5 minutes or so. Instructions said 5-10 minutes.

I don't think you can see a whole lot of different in the pictures from my dirty hair to my clean hair, sadly, but the way it feels when I run my fingers through my hair feels very different! Soft, not as heavy and really smooth and healthy. I love it! Plus my hair smells soo good.

This is something I would love to use again. I maybe could pass on the conditioner (it smelled like oranges too!) because I don't usually condition my hair and my hair felt great after shampooing it. I'd have to experiment next time and try using shampoo only and see if my hair feels the same after I shower. 

All in all - fantastic product - I'm glad I had the opportunity to try it!
Learn more about Monat here.

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