Monday, August 1, 2016

Donut Falls Hike

 As part of the Questify 4 week challenge through Questival, we had to hike to Donut Falls. Lucky me, I'd signed up to hike there with Yelp Outdoors and so it was perfect timing!


My friend Celeste and I have not hung out for quite awhile. She recently moved back to SLC and is currently working 2 jobs (80 hours a week!) so her time is very limited. She had the night off of the hike though so it was way fun to have her come along.  



Somehow we did not find our Yelp group until the end of the hike and we got caught up in a bunch of older single adults (about 50 or so) that we couldn't get ahead of and to hike behind them would have been a bit too slow for us. They were funny though and talked to us a little bit. 


The water felt really good on our hot feet at first and then it got super cold!

Had to stop and get a picture with my flag to upload it to the Questify app


So peaceful, pretty and green! I love it.





I'm so glad we got to get out and do this hike. I didn't take a picture of our donuts at the end but there were some!   If you are interested in joining future activities with Yelp Outdoors, check out this link!

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