Friday, July 29, 2016

What Is Millcreek Venture Night Out?

Tony and I attended a few of these events last summer and have gotten to go to a few already this year. Millcreek hosts a night out at a different park each week for anyone who wants to go. They have food trucks, activities for kids and adults and an outdoor movie! These events are my favorite Friday night activity.

Here are some fun pictures from the ones we have gone to!

She was holding an owl and he just wanted to stare at me instead of at the camera. I just loved her shirt too!

Riley and Tony's cousin Joey!

Here is a link to a funny video of Riley trying to go down the slip and slide

Reese loves his owls. I'm such a proud aunt :)

Reese tried the water slide and then checked out the bubbles. 

I heart summer so hard!

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