Sunday, July 24, 2016

Taste of The Town - Layton!

I missed this event last year but it is so very fun and I'm glad it worked out to go this year. Tony's cousin Joey and I went together. You could buy tickets for $1 and got a sheet of paper that said all the vendors, what food they were offering and how many tickets each thing was. I think most foods were 4 tickets or less. 

This chips and salsa was so big and you got a lot! I think it was only 2 or 3 tickets.

I just had to get a picture - it was painted on his head. Too funny!

Then we went on a hike to catch Pokemon. Joey does not play but I sure do! So many people were out playing and we found this cool path by a stream of water to follow.

We found a random part of the park where they do summer concerts and these guys were a hoot. For reals. They were so old and one had a instrument taller than him! He was also wearing a sweet cactus tie. We stayed for an hour or so? Maybe a little less, sitting on the grass in the perfect summer evening temperature. Lots of families were there. 

Such a fun event, I'm really going to miss coming to this neat park and participating in such a well organized activity.

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