Friday, June 17, 2016

Another Round of the UV Parade of Homes

Tony & I got to go together to view more homes in the Utah Valley Parade of Homes. I went last week with my friend Tiffany and was so excited to have Tony join me on the tour this week. We spent most of our time in Highland and Lehi. 



Craft Room to the left?! Can't wait! and check out that tiny water fountain!





Great backsplash design and color


I love the rug so much. The white color might show dirt more though. But that favorite color and it was such a nice design and addition to the room.






This owl needs to come to my house!










Gaming room


4 TV screens! Pretty candlestick holders too


Let's play some indoor soccer!


Would you like a black or green apple?




Loving this carpet - a mix of light and dark gray. So nice and it was so soft to walk on.



The front door - the glass - opened up and there was a screen so air could flow in and out. I've never seen a screen door like that!



I really need this sink. Different ridges/edges jutted out so you could slide various bins, racks, cutting boards on a couple different levels of the sink. A couple homes we went to had this style of sink by Kohler. LOVE!


I always knew this space could be good for something! Yes!


Very interesting kitchen with not too many cupboards. I think there was a room off to the side for things like that. Interesting idea. The freezer is on the left and fridge is on the right - disguised. Kinda like that but where would we hang all our fridge travel magnets? 


I really liked this back patio area. To the left was a built in bbq grill.

I must own this feather lamp someday. Must.

Probably my favorite walk in closet. So huge.

So many homes had these rolling track for doors to pantries, offices, different sections of the house. It was interesting. 

Yep - this house was one of my favorites, surprisingly. Esp those house numbers lit up, easy to see, there in the front yard. No question when you are trying to find this house in the dark for where you need to go!

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