Thursday, May 19, 2016

Kirby Heyborne Benefit Concert

My friend Celeste invited me to a benefit concert for the Early Light Academy in South Jordan and none other than Kirby Heyborne was performing! So exciting. I got tickets for myself and Tony on Thursday night and it was actually a pretty small crowd that watched him perform - lucky for us!
Celeste and I before the show started

 In case you don't know who Kirby Heyborne is, he's a talented actor, musician and comedian. I have enjoyed his roles in the movies, Saints and Soldiers, The RM, The Best Two Years, Sons of Provo, The Three Stooges and Pirates of the Great Salt Lake.

 He did some singing....

 I did not recognize all the songs but a few I did end up knowing

 He also told some great stories about his life and experiences he has had


There you have it! 

I would have loved to get a picture with him afterwards but he took a picture with the kids at the school that were there (priority) and had to rush to get to the airport to catch a flight back to California. Bummer. Next time!

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