Sunday, November 15, 2015

CVX Live YouTube Convention

 CVX Live to SLC is what VidCon is to Los Angeles. I went to Vidcon (Youtube Conference) for the first 3 years and called it good. It got way too big and fan girl'ish for my liking. It's still an awesome conference I think, it's been a few years since I have gone and some parts of me do miss it. This year was the first time that Utah decided to have a Youtube Convention called CVX Live. It was held Friday and Saturday and I was only able to attend on Saturday but it was really interesting and kind of fun.

When I first arrived I volunteered for a few hours at the LDSBC booth, telling people about our Social Media Marketing degree. When the interest in that died down, I was able to walk around and explore the booths a bit. 


 Watched this girl perform and speak for a bit

 I follow this family on Instagram and Youtube. It was fun to see them again!
 Watching Devin Graham aka DevinSuperTramp speak to us. Always a treat! If you have never seen his videos, be sure to click the link and check them out. So fast paced and exciting!

Then the cast of Studio C! That was fun 

 I got to see and sit with Linda Graham and I am just now noticing the face of the girl behind us. Too funny! I haven't seen Linda for quite a few years so it was fun to catch up a tiny bit and reconnect. Lots going on so we couldn't chat a ton but it was still so awesome to see her in real life again.

 Next, Peter Hollens performed. I am liking his videos so much! Super talented acappella artist. Check out his YouTube channel if you never have.

I had to leave pretty quick to get back to SLC for the hot air balloons happening in Sandy that evening or I would have stayed longer at CVX Live
All in all a super fun time and I can't wait for next year (March 25-26) which will be even bigger and better!

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