Monday, October 5, 2015

The Color Run 5K

 I went to Kohls to pick up my packet for The Color Run
Outside was all decorated for the event and there was no question I was in the right place, haha!

So much swag, I wanted to buy it all - so many fun pieces and colors. How about that purple leotard, right?! Just kidding..

Saturday morning

I had 2 tickets and since my sister couldn't go, I invited my friend Karina. She brought her son and another friend and they walked together. My friend Celeste (above) had gotten a ticket but nobody to walk/run with her so we hung out and it was so fun to see everyone! It had been awhile.

The stage area where they did color throwings and had music going

Chalk angel!

This zone of color was new and harder to get off than all the rest but I still liked it.

Karina & I at the end with our medals
The bubble machine was a great addition this year
Actual medal swag! I am not totally sure of my time but finished in less than an hour. It was fun to be out with friends and others in the community. Plus the weather was excellent! The Color Run (err walk in my case..speed walk) is one f my favorite events to participate in these last few years.

What's your favorite 5K?

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