Monday, May 4, 2015

Anniversary Weekend: Universal Studios

Every single time I am in southern CA , I want to go to Disneyland. We did that together in 2012 so this time we decided to do something we had never done. We picked to go to Universal Studios to celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary! It was a last minute change of plans because we were going to go to Gem Mountain in Montana but it was bad weather, so we opted for a trip to California instead. So nice because we both took Friday off of work to have an extra day for travel, etc.
 We stayed the night at my friend Kylee's house in North Las Vegas to break up the drive a little. Headed out in the morning to continue the drive to Los Angeles. We stayed at a house that Tony found on and I will review that in another post shortly.

 The weather was overcast which kept the temperature nice but I'm glad I wore long sleeves. It rained a portion of the afternoon but it wasn’t terrible.

There were tons of great places to take photos!

Our first ride was Despicable Me and it was a combination ride and 3D adventure

View of the city behind us

Fun water park area for kids but since it was overcast, there was really nobody playing on it. 1 to 2 kids were brave enough to play a bit though. 

 Creepy crazy?!

Some street performers putting on a cool show. We watched for a minute or two on our way to the next ride.

 Sneak peek at the new Harry Potter world that is being worked on and will be opening Summer 2016!

I thought it was hilarious that the people in wheelchairs were forced to sit in the splash zone. Oh well! This was at the Water World Show and I will feature that in my next post

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