Friday, May 8, 2015

Airbnb House Review

Tony used to find the perfect place for us to stay. However, the day before we were supposed to arrive in L.A. the guy changed his ad to say we had to stay a full week instead of a minimum of 2 nights, and then he also upped the price a bunch too! That left us (Tony) scrambling to find something else last minute.  So much for a hot tub on the roof :-/ but we managed to find another place that worked for the weekend, even though it didnt have a hot tub.

This is the front of the house. We stayed in a little house in the backyard. The area was nice and I was surprised there were even houses over here because we had been on a busy street with businesses until our GPS told us to take a right and then a left and we were suddenly in an area with homes and families. It felt safe which was a huge plus. Street parking was free, so good!

Me at the little house in the backyard. 

It was not too far from the freeway or Universal Studios. It was about 30 min away (without traffic) to the Medieval Times dinner and show we had planned to do on Friday evening.

Nice little bathroom with a stand up or sit down shower. Only things it lacked was a hook to hang a towel and some hand soap. Oh, and a fan. I love a bathroom that has a fan for noise. As for the hand soap, I forgot to get some when we went to Target to get a memory card and Tums and we could have asked the owner but kept forgetting. Thank goodness I had hand sanitizer with me. 

Little area  with a sink, fridge, microwave  and water heater. The door you see leads to the outside. We used the fridge to keep our leftovers in. It was also stocked full of water bottles, nice touch!

View of the room ~ A desk, which came in handy when Tony had to use his computer to repair my ipod and download iTunes so I could set it up ac unit which we did not need to use, an ancient TV that we did not try to turn on, one of my favorite IKEA chairs and a dresser type piece of furniture. 

The bed! To the left was a record player and to the right was another favorite IKEA chair and a lamp.  The room smelled mildly of wet dog but wasnt too bad once you got used to it. Everything felt pretty clean which was a relief. I still brought my sleeping bag though because other people's sheets make me sqeamish. 

Our host was very gracious and offered some tips and advice about the area. Other than that, he left us to come and go as we pleased. It was super nice to have our own key.

I would rate this place 4 out of 5 stars.

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