Sunday, May 3, 2015

Adventure Gear Expo

Tony got us tickets for the Adventure Gear Expo which was a couple Saturdays ago and I was so so excited to go! We have never gone to this expo before so it was going to be fresh and new.

Courtesy of Tony for this blurry pic. If only I had a GoPro! Oh well. I put on my helmet of bravery and gave this stand up paddle (SUP) boarding a try. I really wanted to but didnt want to fall into the water and look like a fool. Luckily that didnt happen. 

I was a little shaky and nervous when I got on the board

But then I felt comfortable and took off
 Felt like a pro in a short amount of time. But not the kind of pro that is going to jump or move around too much on the board. At least, not this time.

So badly want one of these. Someday!

See this? ^^
It turns into...this! ^^

I talked to a couple cool companies at the expo and will be doing a review on some awesome companies and products shortly!

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