Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Habit

 Tony and I went to Rita's for a free Italian ice last Friday but the line was long and moving very slowly. Normally I dont care but we had a movie to get to downtown so we decided to step out of line (that was painful) and we walked over to a restaurant called The Habit to get something to eat for dinner.

We both got hamburgers, mine was delicious. I got a meal and we shared the fries with plenty of fry sauce. I like that they have to-go containers for fry sauce/ketchup. 

Instead of a drink , I got a strawberry shake with whipped cream. It's definitely one of the better fast food shakes out there I think even though the strawberry flavor is not super strong. It's there, not overpowering, but it could use a little more flavor in the strawberry department.

What's your favorite hamburger place to eat at?

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