Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Midway Ice Castles

 We missed being able to go last year to the ice castles in Midway and so luckily we were able to use our previous tickets on this years event. Especially because it was only going to be open for a few days since the weather has been so warm.

Get read for a whole bunch of pictures because like usual, I cant decide which ones I like the most to share with everyone. I thought about doing a slideshow but not sure who would be patient enough to sit and watch all that. So, scroll down as fast or slow as you would like. :)

This is where the workers harvest the icicles. 

 Water is spraying to form the icicles.

Yes, that is really fire!



About to go through a slot canyon!

I cant wait to go again next year!


ripley said...

That is so cool - literally and figuratively! I would love to see that sometime. Thanks for all the great photos!
Apple Pie @sisterswives

Cassie from True Agape said...

Wow! This looks really neat and fun! I mean I am not a big fan of the cold, but I might get bundled up for something like this!

Thanks for sharing your picture with us on True Agape!