Thursday, January 8, 2015

California Christmas Eve

We wanted to leave Tuesday evening to drive to California but we just could not get ready in time. Last minute Christmas shopping. Putting together some presents. Trip to Costco. Gas. Loading up the car. Picking up my Mazda. There was just a lot to do so we left Wednesday morning instead to drive to Woodland. 

We went under a bridge! The weather was mostly nice, it was quite windy through parts of Nevada and we had to put on chains (and buy chains) in Reno so we could go through the pass.

I thought this tree stump was pretty cool and the story behind it

Putting on chains before the snow got really bad

This is all the snow I got for Christmas and I'm totally fine with that

Tony & I went to the Valentine's house for dinner when we got to Woodland at 7pm. Their son Joe was there with his family which made it fun because we got to see all their kids and watch them open presents. In the present above, all the kids had gotten them a knife set and really nice knife block.

Dawn made this for me, I love love it!

Also she made me this cute ornament and headband. I felt so loved! Plus surprised because I did not at all expect to get a present

Fancy tree with chocolates on it. Homemade, turned out so cute!

Sugar favorite.

So many treats!

Elizabeth was so funny & cute.

Tony and I had a great time chatting with the Valentine's and playing with their grandkids. Thank you again (if you are reading this) for having us over!!

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