Monday, December 8, 2014

#ShareTheGift Video Shoot

I signed up mid-November for an event happening in Provo that is going to be on The Piano Guys channel around Dec 12th. I got there around 2pm and got checked in. Got some instructions, my costume and then waited for it to get dark. 

The people behind this idea are the Harmon brothers and they thought to do this just a few weeks ago and amazingly were able to pull it off. Very impressed! They wanted to set a world record for the world's largest nativity.

Here are some shots from the afternoon and evening....

The bottoms of our angel costumes. They lit up with a small switch that you could put in your pocket.

Up on the hill after we got a wristband and were counted.

Shaycarl and his family are down there in the middle! Very cool to see them there because I didnt know they were involved with this. 

There were a lot of famous people down there.
some of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

They even had a real live camel as one of the props for the manger scene along with a donkey and some sheep.

Mary & Joseph, a couple angels and one of the wise men (Alex Boye!)

In my stylish costume. 

I was not able to get a clear picture of this but a person from Guinness Book of World Records came from New York and announced that we did indeed break the world record for the largest nativity!

Once we got that announcement everyone cheered so loudly but there was still work to be done.

Standing on "the grid" in our spot (I was P34) practicing. If you look close you can see black spray paint on the grass that had been put there for our map of where to stand. We all had a flashlight that we had to shine up at these balloons in the sky that had a camera on it.

After the big group picture and going through our part of the video a few times out on the field, we got to go in to a big tent to warm up and get some food.

I am glad I stayed until 11pm almost to help with filming another part towards the end. We were out there and did that, then returned our costumes to the tent and were told it was okay to go home when someone ran to where we were and said that the camera didnt get the shot after all and could we all go back out on the field. So we rushed to put our costumes back on and head back out in to the cold.

All in all a fun time though and I am so glad I went. We got to meet some of the famous YouTubers in the VIP tent afterwards but I didnt take any pictures there. Watch for the video to be out on Dec 12th on The Piano Guys YouTubechannel!

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