Monday, December 22, 2014

Festival of Trees Tradition

Tony & I got tickets again to go to the Festival of Trees at the South Towne Expo Center and I am so glad we have this tradition because it's really fun to go see all the creative trees, plus its for a good cause. Here are some fun pictures from the night.

So much origami on this tree

This one was made out of flat boards, unique!

Floppy disks - too funny!

So many Girl Scout cookies!

It's always fun to see a flocked tree

So much candy everywhere!

The star under this tree was cool looking

Loved the tree topper on this one and the theme!

So many sheep!

I love the story behind this tree and I wish I could remember it all. Basically a family that does a tree every year but this year their son came down with something that put them at Primary Children's and their neighbor who is a fireman said he would love to build their tree this year and this is what he came up with. Very creative!

A tree after my own heart. Mmm

Owls of course!

So pink. So blue. I love the "Light it up blue" sign

There was a section with wreaths and I loved this one!

And this one ;-)

Can't forget the pandas! Cute tree and check out the photo on the floor on the left..the couple is right next to a real panda! I should have read the story on the back of the board that talks about the tree to find out more. Bummer that I didnt do that. 

The colors on this one were so pretty and there is a tutu around the tree for the skirt. 
Cool idea.

This one seemed SO popular. It took a bit to be able to take a picture. 

Seriously so epic. 

The other half of the display

That face, so lifelike it was almost creepy

Tree dedicated to The Piano Guys. Love it!

I spied some more owls at the base of this display

Unique tree of sorts?


And because I love smores...

So many excellent trees this year and I cant wait to see what next year brings. Maybe Tony and his cousin will get a tree put together for next year (its a goal that didnt end up working out this year sadly) but its nice to have this fun tradition that helps bring the spirit of Christmas!

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