Monday, November 24, 2014

Project Life Experience

Shoutout to my sister Laura first off for telling me about this opportunity or I never would have known. I follow Becky Higgins (creator of Project Life) on my blog Instagram but I dont log in to that account every day and Becky had posted on there that she needed some last minute help setting up her booth for the Pinners Conference. I had been hanging out at Laura's house but headed straight over to Sandy to the expo center. When I got there, there were about 12 or so other women there helping Becky but they said they could still use my help. 


I got a moment to talk to Becky and told her I knew Julie and Dallin in AZ ...Dallin is her husband's brother! Julie and I know each other from the Gable YSA ward and we have been friends and stayed in contact ever since. Whenever I go to AZ we plan to meet up and craft or just hang out. Love and miss her and her family! Becky took a pic of us on her phone to send to Julie. It was so exciting.

Here are some random pictures I took from that Thursday evening inbetween staying busy helping! We worked on getting product out of the boxes and putting it away, organizing it, hanging it up, etc. 

Group shot at the end when we were all done. Snagged this from Instagram. It was great to work with so many friendly and nice people for one super talented lady! Becky laid on the ground below us to get this picture and I think it turned out cool.

We got a pic together on my phone afterwards

Becky is soo super generous and hooked up all her helpers with Project Life product.

To be honest, I didnt have any of her stuff, just the app which I love and use it often so it was exciting to be able to pick out what I wanted and I cant wait to use it.

Last minute decision on Saturday to attend Becky's class and her method of documenting life truly is simple and quick.  Check out her website if you get the chance, it was just redesigned and updated and I love it.

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