Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Storage Galore At The Container Store!

It's finally open! Fashion Place mall in Murray has added it to their places to shop and its so fantastic. They had a grand opening weekend on October 15th, started at 10am. Tony & I got there shortly after 10 and surprisingly it was not crazy crowded. There were a lot of people but you could move around fairly well in the aisles, etc.

 I was so excited to actually go IN to this store. There was one in Arizona but I never went. I have been on the website a handful of times, admiring all the storage options.

Super cute bird hooks, I love anything with birds!

If I had kids these would be fun to have so they could stash their gear either in the garage or a mud room.

Tony liked this squeezy measuring cup

So many hangers in so many colors!

I liked these clear storage containers

These bouncy seats were also fun. I dont know how long I would be comfortable sitting on one though.

A great organizing setup right here

Of course I had to find anything that was owl and I love this wrapping paper!

I also loved this teal wrapping paper with glitter circles

This would be handy to have for all my gadgets

This wall has magnets behind it and different things to hang on the wall for storage. So fun!

Relaxing for a moment on a neat bungee chair
It was surprisingly comfortable

Here is a bit better picture of the bungee chair but it does kind of blend in to the background

I super liked this item because at the time my hair dryer was way back under the sink and I recently got a new flatiron that has been hanging out on the counter.

After dinner that evening, Tony & I went back and I got the 'style station' and it has helped so much in my bathroom! It has a space in the back for cords and it can sit on a counter or hang over a bar/towel rack. It fits perfectly and I am so glad I got it!

What is something you would want to get from the Container Store to help organize your life?

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Brendon said...

My list from the container store

1) to go to the container store
2) one of everything.

I am afraid to step foot in the container store as I would want to buy it all.........