Saturday, September 20, 2014

Some Comic Con Favorites

How about a lot of pictures and not too many words? 

It was crowded every day I went , I ended up going all 3 days which was awesome. I totally had not planned on that! Saturday was the most crowded. I won a ticket for Thursday from my friend Jill and the lines were so long to get in that they let people with Thursday tickets use them for Friday or Saturday. 

Tony was here as part of a project that BYU is doing and he has been building a website for them all summer for this new game called Dust.

These were built out of Legos. Pretty amazing.

My brothers and sisters love this show. I wanted to go to the panel but there was a huge line and by the time I figured out that is what everyone was in line for, it was too late to get in. Bummer. I did score a couple free posters and rubber bracelets. 

Amazed at the work that goes in to many of these costumes and all the detail

His face always creeps me out but makes me laugh at the same time

This was worth standing in line for!

Beyond excited to have my picture taken with this owl "Pumpkin". Seriously. I didnt want to walk away. Ahh, all my wildest dreams came true at this moment to get a picture taken WITH an owl. So so cool.

Crazy! (from Ghostbusters)

Victoria from Once Upon A Time

I cant wait to go again next year! Maybe I will actually dress up a little more than just a tshirt...

Did you go to a Comic Con this year?

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