Thursday, September 25, 2014

Camp Ritchie - Final Day

 Oh Camp Ritchie - I love you so much!

Our tent home during the day time

We had a nailpolish party in the craft cabin after breakfast

My friend Julia did her nails so so cute!

I couldnt decide on one color so I did a bunch of favorite colors

And then I tried to put on a mustache that Linda had sent me up with. I couldnt stop laughing so it kind of cracked and got flaky. It looked like a huge piece of chocolate under my nose. Haha!

I tried to be serious.

My friends and I painting nails and doing crafts. 

I doubt anyone in this picture really reads my blog so I think I'm safe. Friends from Woodland!

One of my favorite walls in the craft cabin that someone painted.

Cabins. Trees. Gravel roads. Rocks. The weather. 

Rappelling staff has a nice set up. New helmets (to me) and new cabinet (to me)

 Some of rappelling staff but not all of us. The best I could do before I had to head out

Resting on the climbing wall. I havent done this since I was a teenager!

I was determined to make it up the wall though

 It took me awhile but I did it! Yes, I took a selfie at the top of the wall because I am awesome like that

 I'm up so high!

I loved working alongside these two on rappelling staff. They are so great - easy to talk to and get along with.

Looks like someone got toilet-papered! See those pillows....

My friend Chris and I took a pic together right before I left camp. Chris is so kind, funny and the best! She helped me carry things to my car so I didnt have to make a ton of trips by myself. It's always a treat seeing her up at camp. 

Looking towards the campfire area

Campfire area during the day

Here I go....leaving camp with my friend Nicole's bike tied super tight to the back of my car

Goodbye Camp Ritchie, see you again next time!

Goodbye beautiful lake!

Goodbye wonderful staff, it was so great to see you all again + meet some new friends!

Since this blog is my journal and I have to document...I thought the GPS was taking me through Sacramento, to Reno back to SLC. But no. I didnt realize until I got to the border of Minden, NV and Pioneer, CA area that I was taking a different route home and I know, I should have turned around 50 miles ago. The sucky part was that I finally got cell reception and found out the guy I had brought with me was wanting to ride back with me. It's only because we got along so well on the drive that I turned around and drove 2 hours to go get him in Sacramento. I was so looking forward to getting home before 2am but instead I got home by 630am, didnt bother sleeping besides the bits I tried to get in the car. I showered , returned the rental car and worked 8 hours. Oye! At least I can laugh now and lesson time I will put "Sacramento" in my GPS instead of just hitting the Go Home button.

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