Sunday, August 31, 2014

Day 2 - Camp Ritchie Girls Camp

Girls Camp is no vacation! Esp. if you are on rappelling staff. I am not a good morning person but I managed to make it work. Tuesday we did not do an early morning rappell because of the weather. It felt so weird to sleep in! Wednesday we actually up and out early. 

Breakfast Tuesday morning. Soo good!

Tuesday morning we did some training as staff at the top of the rock

Never get tired of this view!

Hanging out on the rock, refreshing my skills

Dock side!

Dam side!

Ty hooking me up to rappell down the rock. I thought it was 300 feet but I guess its more like 150 feet. Ah well , still so fun!

Lunch was sandwiches, mac and cheese and more delicious salad. 

In the afternoon, Ty and I got paired up to work at the bottom of the rock. That was fun!

Time for dinner and to take down the flag. The 4th level girls did a great job leading everyone in some songs before we headed in to eat. 

Dinner was one of my favorites - chicken enchiladas and Mexican rice! Nom nom nom

Singing a funny camp song. 

Uploading videos on here is weird...

My friend Natalie pulled me aside after dinner and told me to follow her down to the craft cabin. She knew I was only staying until Wednesday and she helped me make these cool water bottle holders. I made one for me and one for Tony. Super fun!

We could actually have campfire outside Tuesday evening!

Steve aka "Cookie" at camp because he is the head chef announcing the winners of the candy jar guessing game

My friend and her sidekick were in charge of capers. Not an easy job!
My friend Chris (left), so good to see her again!

Steve Millet directing two girls ( one was Vivi on rappelling staff! ) because they tied for guessing the amount of candy in the candy jar, had to each down a pixie stick (the giant kind) and see who could do that the fastest. 

Vivi (right) she won!

The activity this evening was the star gaze. We all walked over to flat rock with our blankets, towels or sleeping bags so we could lay down and look at the stars. Steve pointed out what he could of the constellations even though the clouds were starting to thicken up. The short program was great and we met back in the lodge afterwards for a treat. I'm so glad this event didnt get canceled!

Walking back from the bathroom and I found this. Shudder. 

Caryn brought lights for our tent and it was so cool to see it glowing at night!

Woot. Day 2 of camp completed and it was wonderful!

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